The Aegean Sea:


Ship Deck & Hydra
Main Deck & 2nd Hydra
Past the Beams and the Archers
Cargo Nets and Acquiring Poseidon's Rage [E]
Boss Battle: Mini Hydras
Boss Battle: Main Hydra - Part 1
Boss Battle: Main Hydra - Part 2
Back to the Captain's Quarters [E]


The Gates of Athens:


The Docks [F]
2nd Level
Outside the Main Gate
Stacked Boxes [E]
Acquiring Medusa's Gaze
Giant Crossbow [F]
Scaling the Rock Wall [E]
Outside Tower - Level 1
Outside Tower - Level 2
Crossing the Bow Line
Back at the Giant Crossbow


The Road to Athens:


Activating the Gate
Dangerous Road Part 1 [F]
Dangerous Road Part 2 [E/F]
Rope Swinging


Athens Town Square:


Town Square Showdown
Up the Stairs [E]
Getting the Key [F]


Rooftops of Athens:


Lower Level Battle
Upper Level Battle [F]
Vine Covered Columns [E]
Giant Crossbow vs. Door
Acquiring Zeus' Fury [E/F]
Rooftop Battling
Across the Bridge [E/F]


Temple of the Oracle:


Chest Hunting [E/F]
Cliffside Path
Battle Outside the Temple [E/F]
Shielded Statues Puzzle [E]
Crossing the Rafters [E]
Saving the Oracle
Collecting Chests [E/F/F]


The Sewers of Athens:


Sewer Battling - Part 1 [F]
Sewer Battling - Part 2
Sewer Battling - Part 3
Exiting the Sewers


Desert of Lost Souls:


First Siren [E]
Second Siren
Final Siren
Blowing the Horn
Siren Ambush


Pandora's Temple:


Main Gate & Cyclops Battle
Opening the Inner Door [E/F]


The Rings of Pandora:


Acquiring Blade of Artemis


The Challenge of Atlas:


Clearing Away Enemies
Dropping the Chain [E]
Acquiring Shield of Zeus
Acquiring Shield of Hades
Back to the Shield Door
Conveyor Belt and Floor Saws [F]
Scaling the Rock Wall
Acquiring the Handle of Atlas
Through the Floor Saw Room
Activating the Atlas Statue [F/Muse Key]
Acquiring the Architect's Son's Head


The Rings of Pandora:


Riding the Rolling Cylinder


The Challenge of Poseidon:


Cerberus Battle
Cyclops & Archers
Rotating Room
Along the Rock Face [Muse Key]
Lowering the Prisoner
Transporting the Prisoner
Acquiring Poseidon's Trident [F]
Back to the Trident Room
Secret Underwater Room [F]
Opening the Underwater Gate
Underwater Gate Trap
Mrs. Poseidon's Statue Room


The Rings of Pandora:


Underwater Path






[E] - indicates that a Gorgon Eye location is shown in the video
[F] - indicates that a Phoenix Feather location is shown in the video

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