Big Smoke - Your basic tutorial mission, set up so you can learn the control scheme and how to ride a bicycle.


Ryder - Head out with your buddy to get a haircut and some food.




Tagging Up Turf - Travel to Idlewood and start reclaiming your old turf by repainting some gang tags.


Cleaning The Hood - Roll through the hood and beat down some base dealers.


Drive-Thru - Take some pre-emptive action and stop a drive-by before it happens.


Nines And AK's - Go shopping! First pick up some weaponry, then some new, gang colored clothing.


Drive-By - You are the wheelman... no wait, that's a different game. Anyway, take the wheel and participate in several drive-bys.


Sweet's Girl - Sweet's pinned down in enemy territory. Hurry up and give him a hand.


Cesar Vialpando - Get yourself a low-rider and meet up with the latin homies for a little bouncy bounce.


Cesar Vialpando:


High Stakes, Low Rider - Jack a low-rider and meet up with Cesar for a race to the death... well, just a race, actually.




Home Invasion - Take the A-Team van and go with Ryder to knock off a private residence.


Catalyst - Head out to the train tracks, battle a rival gang, then make off with some stolen goods.


Robbing Uncle Sam - Travel out to the military base to procure some new weaponry.


Big Smoke:


OG Loc - Be there to greet your homeboy as he is released from prison, then help him tie up a loose end.


Running Dog - Chase down a disrespectful drug dealer and teach him a lesson.


Wrong Side of the Tracks - Use a motorcycle to chase down a train and cap a few rival gang members.


Just Business - Watch your boy's back in this massive shootout, then make your getaway.


OG Loc:


Life's A Beach - Head to the beach and dance up a storm, then jack the sound van, make your getaway and stash it.


Madd Dogg's Rhymes - Infiltrate Madd Dogg's mansion, grab the rhyme book and make your escape.


Management Issues - Pick up your mark, then drive to the pier and drop him off.


House Party - Kill off the rival gang members trying to crash your party.




Burning Desire - Pick up a few Molotov Cocktails, then set fire to a gang house.


Gray Imports - infiltrate the warehouse, then chase down and kill the fleeing dealer.


Sweet 2:


Doberman - Time to roll into enemy territory and start a gang war.


Los Sepulcros - Stop by a burial to pay your respects, and kill a few gangbangers.


Reuniting The Families: Part One - After the gang meeting goes bad, tear through dozens of SWAT members and rescue Sweet.


Reuniting The Families: Part Two - Take out a police helicoptor, then show your gunman skills during the getaway.


The Green Sabre - Meet up with Cesar for a big surprise, then hurry to battle alongside Sweet against the Ballas.

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